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2021 Conference


I have been involved in healthcare most of my life starting from working as a nurse's aide when I was 16, to passing my LPN licensure in NJ during my last year of a BSN program, to obtaining my RN in 1975.  I've worked in home health, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.  The latter has been my passion since the 1990s.  I don't think I will ever stop being a nurse.
I completed the first MDSs after OBRA and I have pushed and assisted more than  one MDS nurse to get certified.  I've never worked as an MDS nurse, but years ago, as the DON,  you did the MDSs and the care plans.  The nurse/s who do MDS are integral parts of senior leadership in a building.  I have been a DON on more than one occasion, but the last 15+ years I've been a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.
I still love being a nurse, being called "hey nurse", turning my experiences into prose, and I get a great deal of enjoyment sharing, teaching, guiding and supporting people younger and or newer in working in senior living.
I've been an advocate of patients' rights and looking at the whole person. Nursing theorists such as Rogers and Watson are integral to who I am as a nurse.
I believe that animals can be therapeutic and I've utilized many kinds over the years in facilities.
I know there is nothing better than a happy surprise for resident/s, a resident finding a friend, or when family and staff work together to meet someone's needs, or when residents move staff's hearts, and when you can hold a person's hand as their soul leaves this world.
I believe that complementary alternative interventions can be worthy and useful.
I believe what we eat impacts us more than we know and that supplements with some evidence base can benefit people.  
I encourage probiotics almost every day to someone and have been doing that before it became popular.
I just really enjoy people and look for the best in them.